Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Cost Overruns

Somebody said play on player, but now we're paying the cost to be the boss;  it led to deficit spending

Do your thing kid per Isaac Hayes was the encouragement, but Hell's Kitchen meals lacked nourishment!! I wasn't lost per the consensus!!  I'm good word dropping and beat blending

Do your thing kid, per being a funky type of soul brotha? of course!! I'm out here running plays like a first round pick in the NFL Draft!! dropping math, sending messages that are breakbeat scientific,  per paying the cost to be the boss. 

Was I on the wrong path? a jury of my peers were rendering verdicts!!  while rocking the Kangol hat out at Southlake Mall in Atlanta they played me like I was the boss. 

Was I on the wrong math? My freedom will not be determined by a coin toss,  I'm coming out fresh with a brand new batch.

Some will feel the wrath!! I see them but wouldn't want to be them!!  John Boehner vs Ted Cruz  / Lucifer in the flesh?  hell some will catch.

It's no joke!!  filing bankruptcy like Donald Trump due to cost overruns? O-Dog pulled out the drums so he could advance to the next level, it's time to Transcend and Transform..

It's no joke!!  what's up with me? beats thump and this good word is dropped!! please!! I wasn't a clone, I'm considered not the norm..

It's no joke!!  jokers told me it's not a storm, but I see something brewing out in Costa Mesa at the Trump rally!!

It's no joke!!  now some are stranded at the dorm with limited resources: what's it costing me? I even had to take a tally!!

Reality divorces are denied by Judge Judy types; the dial will be turned or station changed on the remote!! we'll still have to pay the cost to be the boss..

Damn!! now we have cost overrruns, some judge O-Dog for trying to get over with the drums and a quote!! they say he's on that stuff like Laremy Tunsil, ready to take a loss... 


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