Thursday, June 02, 2022

Putting Work In / Paying The Price: But Its Business As Usual (Part Eight)

 It’s a blessing to be here, check it out!! that’s why I call this a Thankful Thursday! 

Catch us putting work in, doing what we do!! paying the price / paying dues, but it’s business as usual; who’ll work with me? 

I’m visualizing the sequence, like gazing at the universe in the planetarium.

Dude? he’s from Mars, plus he was all out by Pluto! local / national / international and intergalactic with it but these earthlings aren’t fair with him. Even when they see him putting work in / paying the price they didn’t know he was missing home; staring into the heavens that look like starburst ribbons? it’s like an aurora borealis. But knowing what the deal is / knowing what the real is? on earth he’ll languish.

Dealing with the pain and anguish by digital crate digging I even woke to the sound of singing, it was soulful.
A loss and a gain reflected on per Throwback Thursday business! in the ongoing culture war, accused of being woke? I pry my eyes open my ears are ringing, so what’s the deal? Plus this Mercury retrograde now back in Taurus is no joke, it’s like I’m still in a dream; how will I roll? Who’ll work with me? some said I’m out on cloud nine per the Temptations? for real?

By now y’all should know the deal, not in the In Crowd per Ramsey Lewis so they say I'm acting brand new with this!! please!! we’re putting work in / paying the price!

But this is business as usual y’all should know how we do! but we understand, due to prevailing circumstances / conditions? “it ain’t nothing nice”.

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