Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Putting Work In / Paying The Price: But It’s Business As Usual (Part Ten)

 On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? we’re still putting work in / paying the price..

…aka paying dues, but it’s business as usual it’s not breaking news like supposedly heard on cable news; the only way it’s similar to it is that “it ain’t nothing nice”.

Still out here paying the price? oh yes! I was even found putting work in out there at the edge of the abyss. Lights were blinking on the instrument panel!! the mothership was about to fall in, but the cloakroom has a secret device. Invisibility! oh yes we had to deploy the cloak of invisibility! soon a large cloud appeared. With smoke / dust; integrating with the ongoing smoke and mirrors, did we go into another realm? oh yes! we soon disappeared.

Then we reappeared after sliding through the portal knowing how the sport will go! after doing the knowledge asking the question; did bloody / muddy tragedies produce the Georgia red clay?

Freddie Hubbard did the classic jazz track in reference to it, wannabe historians mentioned traditional routines / rites / rituals, or so they say. The brotha O-Dizzle will be back with the digital crate digging while O-Zone dropped this good word rebuking the negative actions that occurred; usually nocturnal, according to secret knowledge. We knew the deal / dizzle, like Snagglepuss it was exit stage left; rubber we burn on I-95 north, the mothership gets good mileage. 

Similar to the trail of tears? the elder told us to get our minds right or we’ll fail due to our fears so we came back, we keep it moving!

We’re putting work in / paying the price but it’s business as usual so we keep dropping this good word and we’ll keep grooving!

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