Thursday, June 16, 2022

What Will The Style Be? (Part Four)

 On this Thankful Thursday some inquiring minds will ask us; what will the style be?

Showing gratitude will be the main theme even though naysayers were like Trump insurrectionists they'll plot / scheme; after doing the knowledge, jumping / recognizing you can see how it’ll be!

We knew what the deal will be, retro futuristic on this Throwback Thursday! universal concepts utilized, we flourish per the moonlit magic; it's celestial.

Way way out there? extraterrestrials feel me, fueled by touch of fire from the intergalactic neon goddess? It ignited the mothership! through the galaxy/ on intergalactic journeys we go. Out in the universe, we left earth; we couldn’t work with those earthlings! even though dude down in Nassau in the Bahamas mentioned it they wouldn't stop the madness!

Some still ask what the style will be, we’re back with this breakbeat science!

What will the style be? we’re dropping this good word and the sound rebuking these dangerous minds!

Some specialized in burglaries, most of all stealing our time; stolen forevers? I see their style, how they work these; now a vision of time is cloudy, due to smoke and mirrors. But time keeps on “ticking ticking ticking” into the future per Steve Miller, it’s flowing like a quivering river. What will the style be? it’ll even try to swing from my soul, limiting tomorrows?

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