Sunday, June 12, 2022

What Will The Style Be? (Part Three)

 It’s like these talk show hot style makeovers; on this Sunday morning some are asking what will the style be? 

O-Zone? I’m staying on point, hostile takeovers seem to be in fashion per the Russian invasion of the Donbas Region in Ukraine; my constituents feel the pain, out there where the foul will be!

What will the style be? I see some rolling like Elon Musk flexing / fronting; I even told the homie down here in Atlanta damn! you had it in the palm of your hand!

What? the world? rolling in a Tesla I'll never support / buy; old school with Polo or Musk cologne, the world you owned but you dropped it; now heard saying please don’t go! What will the style be? soon out there, own your own like Michael McDonald or Patti LaBelle; alone! like you’re on a deserted island. Destruction? headed for self destruction like the KRS -One, Chuck D, Heavy D hip hop song? damn! it’s not how it’s supposed to go!

We had to go, a retro futuristic mystic who’s also intergalactic taking space travels! we even let the window down on the mothership! Out there in the intergalactic atmosphere choking on clouds, trying to catch my breath! Out there in those Atlanta streets earlier choking in crowds, no masks; people acting like the pandemic is over with? Earthlings? a welcoming / please don’t go vibe; gluttons for punishment, they’ll dare destruction / death.

Check out how we work things, funky drumming and dropping this good word!

Answering the question, what will the style be! inquiring minds wanted to know, check out what occurred!

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