Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bubble Wrapping (The 2016 Wrap Up)

It's on again!! like FedEx / UPS delivering packages during this holiday season  we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta on some breakbeat scientific business. 

Like FedEx / UPS or Amazon processing centers we're wrapping things up / bubble wrapping these packages; the last stand?  well,  according to the calendar 2016 is over but the saga / struggle continues!!  some of us know what the deal is.

The sport is complex!!  that's whats up son!! trouble trapping us in compromising positions?  I mentioned the smoke clearing but some of us know what the real is. 

The sport is complex!! per Trump cabinet picks we're not out of these woods / hoods yet!!  somebody might feel this. 

We steal this moment in time!! beats thump and this good word will tell the masses about deliberate falsehoods. 

Going forward in time to 2017 as we wrap up 2016? no weapons formed will work as opponents our a shell of themselves, but some of the constituents are acting false in these hoods!!

Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Kanye West acting brand new with this?  goods and services compromised? 

Seeing how it goes down; some are stressed ready to march per Rev. Al Sharpton, meanwhile breakbeat scientific weapons we're sharpening while  laying low in safe havens / safe harbors,  compounds and combines. 

2016? we saw how it went down!! now we're wrapping it up like stock clerks in the backroom;  blessed after swimming in deep waters and we didn't drown? 

It wasn't the last stand;  Four Tops mentioned Still Waters run deep, so we ignored the creep that was trying to clown. 

The Family Stand mentioned Ghetto Heaven;  per Aleppo some are barely living,  but it's also that way stateside. 

The Last Stand for 2016?  it is, as we bubble wrap it up!!  but we move forward if it's the Lords blessing,  a new old fashion way per the holiday cliche!!  how will the fake ride? 

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