Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ring The Alarm PT.10 (The Finale, But I'll Still Be Ringing It )

 Ringing the alarm!! this is the concept finale, but the alarm will still be ringing!!

Ringing the bell like my people from Salvation Army, in front of Walmart, it'll alarm me if a joker starts singing!!

Ringing the bell, with a story to tell!! Oh yes!!  I had more poetic porn,  so like an internet Porn Blocker somebody will ring the alarm. 

O-Dizzle?  he was born to rock ya!!  O-Zone? the thought and fashion police said he drops spam,  but it's poetry in motion. 

What's the dizzle? ring the alarm per this poetic justice,  after I had a notion!!  thought and fashion police were just enemies and jive turkeys. 

Per Jim Harbaugh,  so what's up y'all?  Sonic Assaults are unleashed!!  per Antoine Dotson hide your kids / hide your wife; out here where I'm chilling? due to toil / strife  there are hiding turkeys.

...It's near a wooded area off of I-20 in Atlanta; these streetwise  turkeys have been hiding since October. 

...Not participating in holiday meals!! shady deals? Russian hacking /  turnkeys leading to a Red October?

Avoiding nuclear winter /  Popeyes Cajun Turkeys? meanwhile  North Korea's learning  how to work these,  getting over Stuxnet like Iran? 

Polar vortex / Alberta Clipper?  please!!  I'm out there by the Little and Big Dipper,  spaced out man! 

The sport is complex,  played like LA Clippers!!  now somebody will ring the alarm. 

...Didn't abort our mission, this is finale for this concept per PT. 10 but we're coming with the next!!  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta as usual, somebody better ring the alarm!!

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