Friday, December 16, 2016

Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man? PT.2

I elaborated on catch phrases and cliches earlier,  one stands out per this Holiday Season. 

Peace on earth and good will towards man is heard,  but I spotted the treason.

Per Tommy Elrod in Wake Forest jokers are plotting and scheming;  hacking endorsed by Vladimir Putin? 

Mod Squad undercovers act fake in the forest!! the truth?  they're disputing. 

Trump cabinet picks aka robber barons soon robbing and looting?  were they endorsed by Jim Brown / Ray Lewis and Kanye West?

Schemes are elaborate, meanwhile war mongers were robbing and looting Aleppo / Syria;  the people are stressed

Blessed and highly favored was the catch phrase / cliche heard over in Decatur Georgia, also seen in the vanity licence plate of the old Chevy Suburban at South DeKalb Mall..

Stressed!! haters misbehaved with it, these days it'll be taken to a whole new level, but some will be vindicated!! they'll be back like Burrell Ellis in Dekalb County y'all...
As we make contact we heard it, but there's not much they can tell us it's like preaching to the choir!!  peace on earth and good will towards man? so what's up man?  that's what they ask..

O-Zone is pimping like Craig Sager, may he rest in power!! meanwhile the sound is funky!! O-Dog?  usually found  in the lab, where he'll rock it!! these alter egos multi-task..

Danger zone pimping on Craiglist, naw!!  it's all about survival!! sometimes similar to reality altered Negroes with their back against the wall, fumbling to get to the 9mm or  38 in their pocket.

Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man? did a census of my constituents; some are out of pocket, the morale is low and the attitude is foul!!  meanwhile this dude pushed a button and pressed a dial!! he stumbled to set it straight, but the hustle? some knocked it.

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