Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ring The Alarm PT.9 (The Full Moon Was Shining Through My Window)

So what's up? the Gemini full moon was shining through my window, do I need to ring the alarm?

Full moon illuminations will have some acting a fool in situations!! damn!! we might need to ring the alarm!!

Acting a fool with these ruminations?  we were hacked when we drove to the basket,  officials said no harm no foul.

Acting a fool with these ramifications due to elections hacked by Russians?  Trump said no harm no foul.

Acting a fool? laminations on the proxy card will only get you so far; thumped upside the head by the glass ceiling? 

Acting a fool? damned if you do or don't in these situations!! Oops upside the head heard from the Gap Band due to the shady dealing?  

Now ready to ring the alarm, pinged during the reign / rain storm!! it blocked the full moon for a while but now it's showing...

So how will we play after the alarm rings? exercising diplomatic immunity but pundits and so called experts say it's opportunities we're blowing!!

Maybe around your way  / your neck of the woods!!! word from Al Roker, so what's the forecast?

Maybe around your way like Louisville's  Beecher Terrace demolition announcements, a foul joker will let the gun  blast!!

Blood Sweat and Tears mention the Spinning Wheel, but  the alarm will ring; maybe a ferris wheel type of Wheel Of Fortune should be spinning!! the American Dream? who's losing / winning? is their a breach of contract?

From City Gear's smash and grab up in Louisville for the Air Jordan 11 Space Jams  to SAD / PAG operations worldwide it's all game; ring the alarm as the full moon shined through my window!! word from The Hot Messenger...I had to come back..

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