Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Crossroads / Intersection PT.3 (Winter Solstice)

 Oh yes!! the Winter Solstice has arrived!! the mothership has arrived at the crossroads / intersection...

..Per Sun Ra is it Where Pathways Meet? excuse a brotha who gets scientific but who's still street!! it makes some folk mad in their search for perfection..

Bah humbug is heard!!  along with bad renditions of Christmas songs per this holiday season!! this math / knowledge is dropped!  it's breakbeat scientific, more than click bait.

Not rolling like the  Electoral College; the students?  Trump tricked some with the hate.

Tricked during the debate? acknowledged at the crossroads / intersection!!  check the score and the clock;  now both the Lord and the devil are angry!

Thin ice skaters deny global warming, even though warnings are received from Angels and Demons among us; what will the angle be?

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