Thursday, December 08, 2016

Ring The Alarm PT.7 (Still Ringing It)

Still ringing the alarm!  the rain fell in Georgia but in more ways than one;   we still have a drought. 

Still ringing the alarm! the reign fell!!  per Obama some worry about the legacy,  they still had their doubts. 

O-Zone still had his doubts;  out on I-20 in Atlanta behind the Subaru Legacy holding up ATL traffic.

Rolling, at a high velocity with the speed you need!!  passed that vehicle and the black Acura Legend where the cat was acting like an urban legend; like an old general was he  named to the Trump cabinet?

Rolling!!! true indeed!!  trump cards held,  soon slapping them on the table like in a spades game. 

House of Cards fall in the Game of Thrones?  manufacturers made defective clones and drones, plus jokers were acting shady in the game. 

...Plus,  like Trump vs The Carrier union boss they throw shade in the game!! it's like a pitcher throwing curveballs and sliders. 

The funk is played like Isley Brothers Live It Up!!  plus O-Zone is hip to the game,  jokers can't roll with these freedom riders. 

Ringing the alarm!! waking up the masses, they need to stay woke per these seminars and classes...

Ringing the alarm!! a lot of faking up in this piece!! jokers might be working undercover like Michael Rivkin on NCIS..

During the ongoing storm some are looking for a coach like Houston; will Lane Kiffin pass the test?  

During the ongoing storm?  the good sister over in Decatur Georgia was ringing the alarm!! she said she's highly favored / blessed..

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