Friday, December 09, 2016

Ring The Alarm Pt.8 (Flashback Friday Edition)

Ring the alarm!  the saga / struggle continues, even on this so called Flashback Friday. 

Word from a retro / futuristic mystic?  it's rough out here like residing in the Aleppo district!!  whistleblowers and snitches need to give the cash back,  they lied to you and me! 

Metro police from Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg lash back at constituents; we already knew about dude in Americus Georgia per the police shooting,  that story wasn't going to end well. 

Ghetto / alley / country / backwoods? thought and fashion police implement policies, who's fair with us?  that story isn't going to end well. 

From the get go? we monitored the Deliberate Falsehood, per jokers acting false in the hood!!  after we fell down to earth in the mothership we were wise to the set up; there was an attempt to keep us from the truth..

From the get go? we were always intergalactic like John Glenn, Godspeed!! now we come through ringing the alarm,  carrying the Sword Of Truth

From the get go? deep in the game, not acting uncouth!! cold like this weekends Polar Vortex Junior,  cold as ice but melting as NASA studies it; Godspeed used by O-Zone as he walks through these Atlanta streets..

From the get go? ringing the alarm as O-Zone has this scripture,  we didn't Ju Ju on the beat!!  O-Dog has the disco inferno for these streets..

Hazardous material? burn that mother down per the Trammps?  R .I.P. to Ghost Ship riders;  will there be chemical reactions from the mixture? what we have is spiritual,  my spirit ramps up!! check the reactions to the picture in front of me!!

...Able to see what it do, now I ring the alarm on this so called Flashback Friday!! check my reactions to those trying to front on you and me.

.. In back and in front of me, in enemy territory like the Oakland Raiders beat in Kansas City I'm surrounded.

I ring the alarm!! I fight back with the Sonic Assault, check out how funky the sound will get.

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