Monday, August 30, 2021

Hip-Hop Ridin ' Jazz Funk & Chillhop Beats Pt. 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We're chilling out as remnants of Hurricane Ida blow into the Atlanta area, it'll be here for a couple of days..

Trying not to spaz as it continues; what? the saga /struggle!! O-Dog rocks!! it's on!! bear witness as the music will play!!

Plus a dude uses prayer to make it through this world!! I've told you many times that it's rough out here..

The attitude? proceed and continue even after the drama unfurled!! the attitude? we continue to take it there!!

The mood? it's out there! Afternoon Jazzing listening to my two favorite music genres, hip hop and jazz aka jazzhop per this  Hip-Hop Ridin ' Jazz Funk & Chillhop Beats Pt. 3

It's courtesy of LTB Music  check out the playlist and the music!! for peace? it's conducive as we feel these victories and defeats!! somebody will feel me!!

Tracklist : 00:00 Shag - Well This Is Awkward 02:52 Shag - Well Then... 05:15 Shag - Coping 07:47 Shag - Mystic Bounce 10:50 Shag - What's It Worth 14:35 Shag - 1992 18:10 Shag - Me Again 22:35 Shag - Who the Fuck Jumps Lil B 25:12 Shag - In the Long Run 28:07 Shag - Stupid Idea

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