Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Still Carrying The Sword Of Truth (Part Five)

 It’s going down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; just being realistic, things can go either way!

We’re putting the work in to manifest a terrific outcome, in fact we’re pulling out the drum to let the music play!

Part of life’s celebration, it’s a blessing to be here but not blind to the facts, or truths in this world!

Still carrying the sword of truth, battling those providing misinformation they’re uncouth contributing to the confusion in this world!

The drama unfurled from here in America to the response to Covid 19 in places like Florida and Texas and to the confusion in Afghanistan!

High winds swirled here in Atlanta due to Tropical Storm Fred, winds of change blow some will be misled but your dude stayed the course, this breakbeat science is part of a bigger plan!

So what's up man? as we carry this sword of truth the style is intergalactic! urgent eyes scan the galaxy's terrain for a different world! From Las Vegas where the NBA Summer League went down in the midst of a hard sun vs the Southeast where a hard rain from Tropical Storm Fred, to even Pluto / Mars to Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg we bear witness to the familiar boundaries in this world! The clock ticks, Steve Miller mentioned time keeps on ticking / ticking: the pain will amplify the volume. The hustle knock is overwhelming!! either we maintain or break free: to freedom? an oath taken!

We gather the sword of truth in the midst of these so many falsehoods and continue to move forward, now what's next?

We're not playing the truth game this thing is real!! I keep telling y'all the sport is complex!!

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