Sunday, August 22, 2021

Still Carrying The Sword Of Truth (Part Seven)

 In the midst of the ongoing proceedings, your dude is still carrying the sword of truth!

The atmosphere shifts, time for harvesting due to Virgo Season illuminated by the Full Moon in Aquarius? staying on point as these fools act nefarious, they’re uncouth!

Bear witness, look around for the proof seeing that reason gave way to madness!

We know what the deal is! raising the roof with the sound as it’s weaponized for spiritual warfare / the ongoing madness!

Sunday Jazz Continues along with Digital Crate Digging at the moment this is how we’re living!

Sunday morning type of knowledge is also dropped with this good word in a reality that’s unforgiving!

Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday type of business is handled; some are heard yelling Oh What a night per the Dells! but as we reflect on some of these spells we realize it was so bizarre! What will the work be? retro futuristic with it, Riders on the storm per the Doors? carrying the sword of truth but had to admit I fell off, check the scars! Let the healing process began! asking the question, who raised the bars? while carrying the sword of truth I had to admit some injuries were self inflicted, things are all messed up. Your dude felt the pressure, a plethora of issues! I bare my soul; the level of stress has gone up!

Sunday morning knowledge? oh yes!! it's realizing I’m blessed up in this piece!

Doing the knowledge, carrying the sword of truth but I’m all about peace!

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