Friday, August 13, 2021

Still Carrying The Sword Of Truth (Part Four)

O-Dizzle mentioned being dedicated to the truth or reality! in the midst of so many falsehoods carrying the sword of truth!

Not playing the truth game even though O-Zone mentioned that it’s all game, as we bear witness to the proof!

Considered arrogant and aloof because I didn’t accept the blame, I was too busy minding and tending!

On this Fabulous Friday in conjunction with a Flashback Friday? we’re good word dropping and beat blending!

Doing it my way, dropping this funk son and the good word aka the sword of truth!

Breakbeat scientific weaponry opposing those that run amuck like the Taliban in Afghanistan, providing proof!

Uplifting the spirits of the masses as we conduct these seminars and classes but some won’t believe the science!

Like Covid 19 vaccine skeptics, Dr Fauci? dots connected but still disrespected but we expected it so we still swing the sword of truth dropping this breakbeat science!

 Rode off into the sunset, oh yes!! visions were similar to cinnamon skies..

Magenta to amber also the color scheme like GOP jokers that plot and scheme confusing the masses with lies, like the color scheme confusing the eyes.. Like an invisible shadow from a Ralph Ellison Invisible Man fighting the so called master plan / intelligent design? Cloak of invisibility utilized? Oh yes, low key when carrying the sword of truth, the ultimate disguise!

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