Thursday, August 05, 2021

Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Ten )

 We’re moving forward even though it’s a Throwback Thursday; oh we might visit the past but we won’t stay in it. 

Thankful Thursday business is also handled due to the fact that it’s a blessing to be here so we’re in it to win it!

But not a dimwit as we bear witness to the madness around us; this Covid 19 Delta Variant ain’t playing fair with it!

Speaking of dimwits, Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott  the Florida and Texas governors deserve demerits for how they’re handling it. 

What? the situation this is not a good occasion but we’ll proceed and continue to move forward!

So what’s next? I keep telling y’all this sport is complex but we’ll exercise power like a forward!

Moving forward now what’s next? per the Trump insurrection what’s the word from the militia? to hell with love let’s make war! Moving forward now what’s next? there’s always something, now check the initiative taken to raise the bar.. From the Taliban in Afghanistan to here in Atlanta to Chicagoland? no peace everlasting, bombs are dropped / guns are blasting! Bearing witness to collateral damage / flesh of fate vs those alive, who are now praying / fasting.

Bearing witness, sounds are blasting and this good word is dropped weaponized in the ongoing spiritual warfare!

Moving forward now what’s next? sometimes we’ll have to sacrifice but we’re still taking it there!

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