Sunday, July 07, 2019

Bobby Lyle - Rhap-So-Dee

What's the business?  excuse us as Sunday Jazz Continues, chilling is on these menus!! things don't have to be extraordinary all the time, we appreciate the average..

Already knew what the deal is, just chilling for a minute!  who's out here splurging? I  see what's emerging!! per this July the 4th Holiday Weekend? government, religion and corporations try to gain leverage..

Spotted dude out here trying to deal with it; geeked up!!  celebrating like Kool and The Gang!! full of the adult beverage, it was urging him on!!.now he's like Trump talking about Revolutionary War Airports;  he's talking out the side of his neck..

..Said his swagger was on viagra,  he had a hot style!! .but nobody's merging!! per the evolutionary process or intelligent design who's fair in these sports? society shows no respect..

Who's trying to rebuke the hostile takeover? the NBA Summer League the game's not over!! coaches were encouraging these wannabe players!! 

How are we  living? we're chilling listening to this smooth soul jazz trackfrom Bobby Lyle called  Rhap-So-Dee; check out the players and the track!!  we're not trying to spaz or  relapse!! your dude will say prayers!!

Bass – Nathaniel Phillips
Drums – Bruce Carter
Piano [Acoustic], Synthesizer [Mini-Moog] – Bobby Lyle

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