Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT. 10

Lord Help! Lord Help! that's the battle cry per this HumpDay Extravaganza as we go through these routines / rites and rituals.

Doing the math / going in / getting it in; the trunk will rattle with the sounds as we try to deal with these habituals.

.....that could be criminals; jail house philosophy when I drop these messages that are subliminal? they relate to the aftermath.. 

Grew up with criminals / preachers / teachers / corporate and government figures, but this dude is on a different path...

Getting breakbeat scientific / mathematical,  just getting back from sabbaticals up in Charlotte out on Tryon Street / Beatties Ford Road and West Boulevard  mentioned in I-85 Chronicles..

Getting breakbeat scientific / mathematical!! now I'm back over on Candler Road in Decatur, spotted dude running over at South Dekalb Mall with the stolen backpack; damn!! what's up with these and those? 

Getting breakbeat scientific / mathematical, not reluctant like Robert Mueller;  we're returning with thoughts that are radical!!  they'll be put on the clearance rack.

 Getting back to these mathematical formulas; up in Louisville / Newburg the old schooler Abdullah dropped that math on us; but like the Justice Department not recognizing contempt citations against William Barr and Wilbur Ross thought and fashion police won't give security clearance for that!! 

Doing the math, from Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg from London to Johannesburg,  from Pluto to Mars?  It's rough out here for a  pimp / player!!  y'all will get gaffled like Jeffrey Epstein or traded like Russell Westbrook.

 ...Also Chris Paul, so what's up y'all?  play on player was the encouragement received / get your hustle on!! the aftermath? once again it's on! there's no rest out here for a crook!!

So what's up y'all? lets do the math /  grab a book, or even Read The TelePrompter.. 

The aftermath? Trump still attacks the squad, check the mode! meanwhile jokers talk about going into Fortnite Squad Mode; meanwhile we'll continue to drop this math, letting my people know the aftermath, prompt bro!!

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