Friday, July 12, 2019

Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT.9

Digital crate digging continues on this Flashback Friday!!   but after doing the math?  I'm good word dropping. 

What it do? checked the aftermath,  these I-20 Chronicles will spell it out; your dude is still rolling from the West End in Atlanta to the Eastside out in  Conyers!! not quitting or stopping. 

What it do? what's up money? "it ain't nothing nice"; that's what the response was when  homie asked me questions over on Candler Road in Decatur. 

Spotted another homie riding by in the hooptie,  "it ain't nothing nice; plus he was still pumping that Young Jeezy!  another cat rode through pumping the Old Town Road remix with Young Thug and Mason Ramsey;  some of this ATL sound will lose me but I'm not a hater.

Do your thing kid is what I told a debater!! New York vs Atlanta hip hop? repping that West Coast?   I wasn't mad at any of them. 

They're all just family tree members fighting against chain saw carrying /  tree limb dismemberment per visionaries aka White Nationalism endorsed by Trump that are mad at them. 

We had them!! what?  rolling with them from Oakland to NYC to here in the ATL!! after doing the math these revolutionaries are  coming from another angle. 

Still fighting the arch nemesis on the premises!! rolling like Trump at the so called Social Media Summit;   like a cat from Boston they'll try to strangle. 

Doing the math!! the aftermath? per Flashback Friday?  now working the angles like Dilated Peoples!! remixed featuring AG, Defari and Exhibit? we're out here trying to deal with it!!   working this for my people blue collar style. 

..or maybe like Jesus the carpenter,  but for a dollar the system will start with a bro!!  check the styles.

Haters will check the files / do the math; then they'll pull up like ICE agents making nationwide raids..

Debating the aftermath? fouls that were flagrant committed by those that fake it per Alex Costa /  Jeffrey Epstein? dude had to resign I told some karma will handle it..

Staying on this path after doing the math!!  now check the aftermath, styles are breakbeat scientific!! baffling a fanatic as they try to put a handle on it..

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