Monday, July 22, 2019

The I-85 Chronicles ( From The ATL to Charlotte and Back)

Usually I-20 Chronicling,  doing my thing in Atlanta but I needed a change of scenery..

Soon I-85 Chronicling, responding to this and that thing; so what's it all mean to me?

From the ATL to Charlotte to up in Washington DC,  I can see that y'all tripping!!  

Full scale war going down, spiritually!! was it due to process step skipping? 

Due process for immigrants? not if it's up to Trump; these jokers are set tripping!!  influenced by conservative think tanks? others influenced by the social media and mainstream media?  

Balance due? overpaid prices, dealing with it? these jokers have me tripping / dipping up I-85!  Carolina Cruising with my eyes open scoping for Operation Southern Shield with their plans for impeding a brotha.

What it do? I was in the Queen City chilling a day after "Trumps Klan rally" on the other side of the state of North Carolina,  with chants heard about sending her back.

What it do? I was Queen City chilling, as Power 98 pumps the jams!!  silence the violence concept was highlighted, as some jokers have the knack.

At a family get together? old dude was trying to bring it back!! he was listening to Isaac Hayes with Walk On By!!

What's the deally?  heard Migos talking about Narcos blasting out of the Dodge Challenger over on West Boulevard in Charlotte as I walked on by

What it do? what it does? asking cuz rocking the throwback Philadelphia 76'ers  Allen Iverson jersey; representing that Philly / Pittsburgh connection..

Mentioned running up on down I-77 per the road trips, O-Zone? your roadie doesn't trip!! I have that I-85,  Atlanta to Charlotte connection!!

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