Monday, May 06, 2019

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Monday Morning Edition)

Damn!! here we go again!! another Monday has rolled around!! now my people are out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..

Damn!! here we go again!! how will they play?  some jokers were acting like they're swerving in Boeing 737 Max type vehicles!! this dude is intergalactic, I'm peeping these and those; wondering, where did the mothership land a brotha? 

The saga / struggle continues, but your dude is still putting it down!! getting free and staying free like Mexico, back in the day when dealing with France!  I even started writing this on Cinco de Mayo. 

Plus it was  the sabbath,  doing the math kid!! belligerent like Trump at the Mexico border? naw!! this is a different circumstance,  but who's in sync with a player?

Different math dropping, inspired by the New Moon in Taurus during this season,  wondering who's for or against us checking the treason!!  said a prayer then I took action. 

Different path taking? dipping down I-20 in Atlanta the gateway to the universe!! mentioned I was intergalactic so I'm coming through like an  Eta Aquarids meteor shower but I'm stranded down here on earth, wandering through the Babylon wilderness?  a crook losing traction?

 Different path taking? swerving out here on I-20 in Atlanta like Maximum Security at the Kentucky Derby? 

Disqualified!!  now Country House declared the winner!!  meanwhile O-Zone is considered hood /  ghetto /  alley and even country all up in the house! thought and fashion police want to throw him in maximum security,  so who'll work with me?

Disqualified? even so called house music experts question the credentials when I dropped  a track by King Britt Presents Scuba called Our Time featuring  Lizz Fields on them..

We continue to ride for freedom!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, the potential is unlimited!! per Deuteronomy 28 :3  the Lord will bless us in the city and the field, so whatcha knowing? 

We continue to ride for freedom!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! not just on this Monday morning but any day!! Lord willing..

The saga / struggle continues!! I see them, rolling like Michael Cohen reporting to their own version of prison!!

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