Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rejuvenated PT. 6

It's going down on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

Just being real with this, claiming terrific outcomes is how we'll deal with this!!  getting breakbeat scientific, dropping this good word and check the sound, we'll let the music play!!

Rejuvenated, that's after enjoying moments / sounds  of silence mentioned by Simon and Garfunkel

Don't get me wrong!!  O-Dog jams!!  intergalactic with it, acting extra after  extra terrestrials told me how the funk should go! 

Don't get me wrong!! we're rejuvenated even though dysfunctional structures and systems are not supported!!  auto correct on this I-Phone said they're unsustainable. 

Don't get me wrong!!  knew how "getting crunk"  would go per the ATL old school terminology!! plus I heard they're bringing Freaknik back!! meanwhile,  rocking out will be the strategy towards goals attainable!! 

Don't get me wrong!! rejuvenated but sometimes the pain won't go away!!  per the ATL aka "pothole city"  expect obstacles and setbacks. 

It's rough out here!! at my satellite station I mentioned ignoring the turbulence,  trying to go to and fro arriving at destinations is how we're trying to work this!!  but check the situations sometimes its hard to get back.

...home;  feeling the pressure on the dome!!  from the Trump tariff / trade war to justice obstruction concerning the Mueller Report the masses are caught up in the traffic in more ways than one. 

White supremacist confirmations per shady dealing /  impressions from a clone make some feel brand new in the sport,  like they're the one!!  

What's up son? check these breakbeat scientific sessions as we show rejuvenation!! peeped game / check the situation, sometimes routine rites and rituals will subdue those;  sustaining or hindering? 

We're ready to roll after observing the scene like a real breakbeat scientist!! undergoing rejuvenation per  low key minding and tending.

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