Friday, May 03, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.4

Check us out on this Flashback Friday; it's going down as this Friday Feeling is exhibited..

We gave the cash back doing things our way; unbought and unbossed per Hosea Williams!! this good word is dropped and we'll let the music play!! we're rejuvenated...

This is not the final mission like the Space Shuttle Atlantis; we're broadcasting live from Atlanta with this!! on earth?  we'll  land with this mothership!! now we're chilling like Tiger Woods after winning the Master's championship!! soon reality checks were issued to let you know what the real is,  so recognize the pattern.

Somebody will understand this; even though it's tight in these hoods your dude collected frequent flyer miles; last summer? chilling out in Atlantis / Nassau in the Bahamas plus  Plutonian Intergalactic Journeys were taken we weren't faking!!  spotted neutron star / black hole collisions while rolling down I-20 in the ATL to out past Saturn!

Rejuvenated!! but on earth? like William Barr not appearing before House Judiciary Committee  society disrespects!! bruising and battering egos  that were inflated!

Rejuvenated, even though haters raise the bar!! per this good word and the percussions breakbeat scientific  type repercussions are experienced by those that hated!

Others were paid off after souls were sold; per James Comey? Trump ate some souls, that how he rolls!!  damn!! no belated and dearly departed ceremonies will be  held!

We're rejuvenated, but the game? jokers played it!!  soon they're  victimized by gamblers out for a fast buck; in the fight? some will take a dive, the fix is in  /  bad cards were dealt!! 

Who felt it?  they said it was electric!! they were encouraged to slide through the portal if they choose to accept the assignment!

This forensic rhetoric will expose a fanatic; it was developed during self imposed solitary confinement!! under renovation, bear witness to the rejuvenation when the planets were in alignment!

Babylon Forest fanatics should bear witness to the rejuvenation due to this assignment turned in to the Institute Of BreakBeat Scientific Studies..

It's on!! who's for or against us? bear witness to the rejuvenation, even though we're still fighting!! out here dealing with these sharks and piranhas in waters a hater pollutes / muddies..

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