Monday, May 20, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.8

We're rejuvenated; dealing with the aftermath from  that Full Moon in Scorpio; it was hitting hard!!

We're rejuvenated!! dealing with it after doing the math!!  found out it's the Buddha Full Moon  / Vesak  Day; meanwhile a fool will swoon, check out how they play!!  in love again,  falling hard.

Late with it? per Music Monday  Slum Village already said don't sell yourself by falling in love,  but you know how some humans are, we go hard in everything we do.

Hated? residents of slums /  villages / barrios and settlements deal with it as  thought and fashion police regiments were out here acting like they knew. 

Out the gate with it!! per these sonic assaults? drums hit up village idiots, plus we drop knowledge on them!!  what it do or does is part of the manifestation. 

Rejuvenated, like the House Oversight Committee examining Trump finances?  this dude sums up the consequences!!  oh yes!!  that's what the Brotha O-Zone does,  based on the revelations.

Who thin ice skated due to global warming? damn!! now it's like I-285 in Atlanta out by the dump on Moreland Avenue that stinks up the Southside!! while freedom riding rocking the lime green safety vest  I  spotted those rubbernecking /  bearing witness to the wreck or fiery crash.

Who threw shade at it? while spanning the globe brain storming we spotted those disrespecting,  no mental fitness!! in Paris protesters rocked yellow vests!!  pain is felt by those fired, due to asking for more cash.

Who debated it? spotted those disconnecting as the haves and have nots clash as the gap widens.

 Who's late with it? dots?  some try connecting,  new to old school;  AOC  / Cory Booker /  Kamala Harris  / Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden's.

They'll debate it, trying to get put on in 2020, but we'll still have to ride for freedom...

Rejuvenated!! channeling Malcolm X per his birthday this May 19th? the sport is complex but players were told to keep it pimping; but it's not a simple thing,  I see them and wouldn't want to be them!!

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