Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cameo - Front Street

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a hot and sometimes rainy day in Atlanta

...duh!! scattered showers? that's what I told myself,  but that's why they still call it Hotlanta.

..just chilling out on a Saturday afternoon, I usually have an afternoon jazz thing going...

..just chilling out on a Saturday afternoon!! Mother's Day is tomorrow; much respect shown!!

Opportunities blown? naw, not soon; it'll be a real mother for ya!! once again it's on like Steph Curry with a three pointer shooting the Warriors back into the Western finals!! 

Opportunities blown like Chris Paul and James Harden; Chris Paul even fronted on Steph Curry!! that's a real mother for ya!  hearts harden when a mind blows..

...listening to this Cameo track called  Front Street y'all; we don't front we bring the heat y'all...

Making cameo appearances out on I-20 in Atlanta avoiding rubberneckers watching the crash; they're fronting,  I'm too busy watching the cash y'all

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