Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.10

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; as I've mentioned previously,  things can play out either way..

It's going down after Memorial Day holidays, now we're rejuvenated,  trying to get back in the swing of things; expecting opposition from the devious due to previous episodes; we should know how they'll play!!

Whatcha know man/?  when the drama goes down who was beseeched? did the street mafioso call their henchmen?  issues were debated,  even heard Da Lench Mob mention Guerillas  In Da Mist  and the Hood Took Me Under by Compton's Most Wanted!

Whatcha know man? dude wasn't late with it!!   tires screeched in the old school Chevy Impala after the caper was pulled over on Northside Drive in Atlanta, he didn't want to be  lynched by the angry mob; these days stirred up / channeling  First 48 and America's Most Wanted!

Dude said it was a cinch man!! some believed him...he said he would come through in the clutch; he swagged / flexed / fronted and flaunted!

Clint Eastwood style!! clinching a fistful of dollars;  smoking cut up weed implanted  Dutch Masters; passed it to the left hand side after he gathered and hunted!

It's famine or feast in the hood; weed eaters and ditch witches pull so called slick ones  out of ditches, either from back roads out in South Carolina or out in the backwoods of Tennessee or  Kentucky!

Street leaders we're carrying heaters; they smoked backwoods and drank Tennessee or Kentucky brown liquor after the fact; they fulfilled their contract, those boys got lucky!

That's what the street does, but it's not just back in these hoods!! overseas? there's still a war in Yemen plus  missiles were tested by North Korea..

Trump heard about it but wasn't worried about, meanwhile we're chilling /  ignoring the turbulence  / going all out for this!! check the scenario...

Beats bump, you heard? plus we drop this good word, this is how we'll work this!! it's based on being rejuvenated..

The streets will stump some but we'll school them with the drum; the O-Dog Day Party will have our constituents rejuvenated!!

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