Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Rejuvenated PT.3

Another May Day has pulled up on us; some of us are rejuvenated!! check out the May Day protest over in Paris..

Playing it another way, some were fooled up in this piece!! hated, when jokers said it's all love!! from here in the ATL to over in Venezuela we're asking; who's fair with this? 

This player is rejuvenated, acting brand new with this,  because I tapped on this iPhone starting another one?

This player is rejuvenated, just acting like I knew!!  showing some I'm down for the cause, so what are they starting?  O-Zone is not playing with them and those; showing them I'm not the one!

Wasn't trying to come undone like Whitey Bulger or some of these other so called gangsters;  some are shown to be pranksters, they'll got emotional up in the business setting!

Rejuvenated after we had to fight so called powers that be that called themselves pulling rank;  earlier? we had a pretty good run; winning championships like old school Los Angeles Lakers with Showtime!! had to chill for minute!! now trying to start another run!! that's the business; and we' re not stopping and not quitting!

Rejuvenated, dropping this Humpday Extravaganza!! history is repeating / history is in the making!! O-Zone? dropping this good word I'm not faking!! not  like William Barr taking Robert Mueller out of context concerning the report!  karmic repercussions will take place; will  the outcome be  positive or negative due to the shady dealing?

Rejuvenated, trying to get over the hump!! I even studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space!! discoveries lead to recoveries in this sport!! now a bruh uses the percussions to send messages; O-Dizzle came out with the drum to let you know what the deal is!

Still  hated; running from the devil  like the Ohio Players mentioned!!  sometimes he's gaining on me,  then sometimes I stretch out the distance.

This is next level business from Louisville to Cincinnati with those Ohio players to on out to Oakland and back to the ATL!!  we're trying to make a difference. 

Rejuvenated!! check this borderline belligerence straight from the borderlands where Trump trumps up the drama? 

Rejuvenated, but out of order with mine?  just a digital crate digger in the mine looking for mine!! plus you'll get  the perfect word from this funky soul brotha!

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