Thursday, May 02, 2019

The Brothers Johnson - Right On Time

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday; retro - futuristic is how the work will be...

Of course the saga / struggle continues!! we go back to the future!! ignoring the turbulence!! jokers try to play us like Facebook vs Louis Farrakahn; they 'll say we're unworthy..

Breakbeat scientific? of course that'show the work will be, so who'll work with me? face to face with a crook? a dude is not in that mode...

Breaking from fanatics, where's code enforcement? the street code was not followed, plus since Trump has been in office we deal with the white supremacy code..

Check the mode, we know how this sport gets!! breaking off this good word plus we're in funk mode; listening to  The Brothers Johnson; In A Minute We'll Be Right On Time!! 

Let's Go! you heard? so what's the word? when we're on the set we'll be right on time!!

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