Monday, May 13, 2019

Rejuvenated PT. 5

We're rejuvenated after Sunday morning  routines,  rites and rituals were followed,  we progressed  from Mothers Day to another Monday. 

Still hated by those "buking and scorning" but we kept on running!! scenes were  purged of their insights!!  the system stressed,  but we know how these "mothers"  play. 

Per Music Monday? they're not  "bad mother watch your mouth" types  like Isaac Hayes talking about Shaft;  can you dig it?

Per Music Monday? it's a "real mother for ya"  per Johnny Guitar Watson;  naysayers were scheming and plotting /  the fix is in;  the outcome?  they'll rig it! 

Per Music Monday? we'll pull out the drum, do the math / figure it out;  it'll be more than word problems,  formulas and equations. 

How did some play? did they rue the path they're on, dipping through these Dekalb County streets on their  way to work this Monday Morning?  the elder said  problems /  trouble doesn't last always,  check the occasions!

How did some play? did they rue the wrath from naysayers,  even after they say prayers? ignoring the turbulence was mentioned at my satellite station!!

How did we  play? please!! we're rejuvenated!! our staff is full of players working this thing out like Kawhi Leonard and CJ McCollum so what's up son? who's working with us, any relation? 

Oh yes!! the question asked, any relationship to these brothas parking the mothership on earth after lights started blinking on the instrument panel?

Oh yes!!  the question asked as we multi-tasked dropping this good word and the sound, getting down!!  rejuvenated, check the occasion!!  maybe somebody will understand a brotha!!

Putting it down!! rejuvenated, now my constituents will be illuminated by this breakbeat science we drop...

Putting it down!! still hated by so called  constitution followers; we peeped the Avengers: Endgame similarities;  the saga / struggle continues; it doesn't quit / stop..

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