Monday, May 13, 2019

Grooveman Spot a k a Dj Kou G - Resurrection ( Instrumental )

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, it's in conjunction with the O-Dog Day Party...

The saga / struggle continues; letting the music play / dropping that funk son? this is what the response will be!!

That's a brotha's function in these days and times!! didn't prey on the masses with high crimes and misdemeanors  like an impeachable Trump..

Mentioned by Rashida Tlaib who the system tries to attack because of Holocaust remarks?  it's all game, meanwhile  O-Dog barks with beats that's bump..

This jazzhop is played; we're listening to Grooveman Spot a k a Dj Kou G with a track called  Resurrection ( Instrumental )

It's his version of the Common track, we kept it moving while a slow roller / learner will fall back after they find out it's rough out here / see what it do!!

Working it out, I mentioned we were rejuvenated so we go for what we know; ignoring the turbulence..

Working it all out, without a doubt!! setting this O-Dog Day Party off, so who'll work with us? 

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