Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Next Chapter / The Saga - Struggle Continues (Part Five)

It's Going Down as I mentioned on my affiliate channel, spirit / energy from ancestors we channel so now we're moving on to the next chapter. 

It's Going Down!!  we're trying to change the channel but it's like swimming the English Channel as the saga / struggle continues until we meet the rapture..

... as we try to avoid capture;  as we "holla atcha"  I mentioned earlier about being caught up in the system / matrix..

Trump types mentioned firing us like Dr Anthony Fauci  when they "holla back atcha" but check out what the response will be;  we won't fake It

Getting over the hump hypes are going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way 

It's also Election Day as politicians make a play that can be crooked or shady;  things can go either way 

Per Covid 19 and systemic racism we're trying to rebound like we're in the NBA bubble'; who's blocking us out?  damn!! its hard to get the right kind of  "double double" 

Now we're trying to take it to the next chapter but where were we found? still  taking it to the hole!! layups hit, plus the and 1 but soon one is in a world of trouble.

Word from Lou Rawls!!  the saga / struggle continues as O-Zone balls in Nike's / Fila's or even Adidas you can see us trying not to come undone.

It gets stereotypical; they said I fit the description and even said I was killing  them like it's First 48 up in Louisville;  they said I was the one!

It gets stereotypical as Daniel Cameron types delay justice for Breonna Taylor up in Louisville; doing Trump and Mitch McConnell's dirty work?

We already know what it do, but we keep "going through"; that's the deal as we move on to the next chapter; the saga / struggle continues as we put in the work..

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