Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Next Chapter (The Saga / Struggle Continues (Part Eight)

We're chilling out on this Sunday morning!! plans are made to escape the ongoing charade;  inspired by the New Moon in Scorpio.

But we're dealing with that old adage; it's where man makes plans but  God laughs; mentioned in Psalms 2.4 and also in Proverbs .16.1 and even Proverbs 16.9 so what's on our minds? we should know how the sport will go!!

Abort your mission bro! that’s what a naysayer told me but we’ll put this endeavor down lovely call it a beautiful struggle.

Word from Talib Kweli y’all feel me? somebody will know what’s up with a brotha! 

Actually? dropping this breakbeat science is what's on our minds!! O-Zone is writing these psalms; nouns / pronouns and verbs while O-Dizzle is kicking these sounds to these ATL curbs, actually to the world..

This is next chapter business as the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on aka toil and strife goes on; that's business as usual as long as we're in this world 

Once again its on! ...damn!!! here’s the next chapter or episode check the mode; its always something! drama was interrupting when I was trying to chill!

Once again its on; dude  was like Trump with no concession  ; damn!! somebody's  running up with something  he wasn't trying to feel!

But I'm trying to deal with it; trying to deal with it coming back like Tiger Woods at the Masters  starting a new chapter as 
the saga / struggle continues.

Trying to keep it real but it’s tight in these hoods! Jokers want a Recount like Georgia  but 
me and O-Dizzle will continue to rock these venues 

Fulfilling our potential; heard the minister say what the Lord has for us is ours.

Fools deal with ill officials; they'll get played! haters main focus is to put us behind bars!

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