Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Next Chapter; The Saga / Struggle Continues (Part Nine)

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? I was pulled to the side / I was warned; the higher power would entrust me with a complex magic..

Now I use it as a vehicle to the next chapter but like  Biden not investigating Trump I'm still out here trying to avoid capture! let me try to do something,  the outcome would become tragic..

Y'all should see what it do; the saga / struggle continues until the rapture that's been mentioned previously by this dude O-Zone..

...I also mentioned studies concerning the dark mystery of time and space the mystery of creation in this zone! 

We're getting breakbeat scientific like firing up the Hadron Collider looking for the God Particle aka the Big Bang Theory! 

Not the comedy show, a freedom rider going for what I know!! beats will bang per the digital crate digging and this good word is dropped in a hostile territory..,

Checked the flow; old or new schools need to be upgraded; students still fall behind when trying to move to the next chapter! spotted the children but I see the how their parents /  the grown ups act!! scars never healing?  wounds are wide open.

Checked the flow; old or new fools still try to front!! rolling like Hunger Games Peacekeepers?  I see them trying to creep up on us but I guess it's like the track I heard by Black Moon:  don't front you know I gotcha open!

Checked the flow; nothing new under the sun but maybe under the New Moon In Scorpio let's see how the sport will go! dealing with old or new rules upheld by a gatekeeper scoping things out for the apparatus? 

Checked the flow, old or new tools used when moving to the next chapter? letters written, "Instagraming  /  Twittering or Facebooking" ;  updating the status!

Going for what we know!! the saga / struggle continues, told some to "holla back at us"  after they get your their minds right!

Please!!! the train of thought is rolling the Mothership stays in orbit; it stays in flight!

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