Monday, November 30, 2020

We're Getting Busy (Part Two)

Thanksgiving Day celebrated, Black Friday calibrated  now another Monday morning has pulled up on us!

 Check it out! now it's Cyber Monday or Cyber Week; stores say expect a bonus..

Thanks given!  it's a blessing to be here,  how will this black man play?  now we're getting hyper, taking it there!!  it's on us to put it down like this!!

This is how we're living not stressing as we let the music play plus drop this good word you heard? it's on us to put it down like this!!

We get busy, but casualties were found during the scrimmage plus there's collateral damage because  they didn't want to leave after we hit them up.. authorities conduct autopsies after we repelled the arch nemesis on the premises especially after we found out they were corrupt..

 Hostile territories turn into ground zero like Georgia per the Senate Runoff;  Trump is mad at Brian Kemp, not acting casually,  dressed like Friday..

Hot styles used to tell these stories, getting busy with beats that bump and dropping this good word like a hustler / pimp but not flamboyant; chilling out doing things my way...

Hot files lit up by this Gemini Full Moon in the midst of Sagittarius Season jokers act nefarious check the treason..

 We're getting busy, blessed and highly favored with various ways and means of survival, shielded from the fray is the reason. 

We’re getting busy but some are stressed this Covid 19 is no joke!! a dude prays for them and their survival as prayers goes up and blessings come down..

We're getting busy, my people will get broke off properly when we dropped this good word and come through with the sound..

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