Monday, November 23, 2020

The I- 20 Chronicles : Oh Yeah!! We're Still Out Here

It's Going Down on a Monday morning as we get back to business as usual..

Well in a way, Thanksgiving Day is later this week affected by Covid 19? We'll see what it do! 

Per Music Monday? Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones said time was on our side but for some time becomes the enemy...

How did some play? the dagger became verbal or written some were smitten,  now suffering a metaphorical death from that energy...

...others are in quarantine like Covid 19, I see how they're playing!!  an entity waiting until the words didn't hurt..

Brothers like me scribed by light after the lightning strike now working with the light but naysayers claim that insight isn't right!!  some say the words didn't work 

Brothers like me keep putting in the work!! check out the blue collar style /  check out the breakbeat scientific nature..

This is I-20 Chronicle type of business as the concept is revisited excuse me but it's like Michael Jackson; Human Nature,.

This section of I-20 in the Atlanta area is always congested!!  checked out the traffic,  my people are trying to do too much..

In other sections of Atlanta Chevy Camaros and Dodge Chargers are racing influenced by that Fast and Furious magic; my people are trying to do too much! 

So on and such and such, like Georgia trying to purge voters before this Senate runoff elections to pacify Trump..

We're coming through in the clutch rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, in it to win it dropping this good word and beats that bump!!

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