Sunday, November 01, 2020

The Next Chapter (The Saga / Struggle Continues) Part Four

Check us out as we proceed and continue even on this Sunday morning ; of course we're  moving on to the next chapter..

Of course the saga  / struggle continues as long as we're on this earth;  ending when we meet the rapture?

The ultimate end game? until then we're caught up in the game! play on player was the advice heard from dude over in Decatur..

What's up with it? next chapter moves are made claiming victory like Larry Graham: sooner or later..

What's up with it? somebody said the Full Moon In Taurus will culminate it., Your dude has moves to make, plus he's retro futuristic with it!

A  dude still shows / proves to naysayers that God will answer prayers!! blessings received? a hater thought we missed it!!

A bruh grooves with you  like the Isley Brothers; its all natural though !! we're not trying to show out.

The moves we make are mysterious!!! one step ahead of a hater!!  flames they try to blow out!

Who do you know out there I was asked?   I studied the Dark Mystery of Time Space..please!! this is like Weather Report's Mysterious Traveler we've been up on it!

Out in the the moonlight, sunlight and out in the stars we basked..we were moving fast!!   after coming back down to earth we recognize what it's all worth!! .please believe me !! we're staying on point in the sport !! recognizing the evil opponent!

Moving on to the next chapter!! I told you we're up on it..please!!! we're in it to win it!!

The saga / struggle continues so act like you knew!! so what it do? hopefully during this Scorpio Season  you'll see in a minute...

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