Friday, November 27, 2020

We’re Getting Busy (Part One)

Reflecting, internal inspecting getting busy with this business for Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday...  

Reckless choices made per collecting scattered thoughts? Sammy Davis Jr / did it my way..  

Disrespecting voices? What a fool was heard from the naysayers! They say I misbehaved with this!  

Every time you looked up they saw the actions of a crook up in this piece! due to Louisville / Newburg default settings / guilt by association enslaved by this?
So what's up? O-Dizzle gets busy!! he booked up in this piece!!  studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...and he had the drum and bass plus the acid jazz

Posted up on this Black Friday so how will this black man play? going for it, chilling!! listening to Guru and Jazzmatazz!

How will this black man play? getting busy,  about to spaz? staying on point like boric acid was laid out for the roaches, word from a veteran who now coaches!

.. whats up? please! Your dude is avoiding the corrupt, as Armageddon approaches.

One who's meddling encroaches on sacred grounds; we battle back not fake with these sounds and these good words

We're doing the damn thing, getting busy some of y'all will feel me but others are mad because the appetite is curbed

I backed away from the buffet making another play I guess you can say we're getting busy

The good music will play and this good word is drop as we cosmic slopped some of y'all know what the deal will be..

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