Monday, February 27, 2023

Johnny M - Progressive House Mix | 2023 | #05

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday edition; it’s going down in conjunction with the O-Dog Day Party..

The saga / struggle continues, holla at me if you’re a believer and that’s how you’re living!! bearing witness to the madness, why did they start with me?

…and you; so what it do? maybe this ongoing voter suppression and renewed Jackson Mississippi colonization is affecting them..

Acting like we knew after asking how will they play it; seeing how the sport will go, please!! society / the system is disrespecting

Please!! not expecting any sympathy from the devil in our mission to the next level; we’re chilling / O-Dog Day Partying listening to this Johnny M – Progressive House Mix | 2023 | #05

Check the playlist and the mix!! chilling out in this O-Dog Day Party for the next hour!? check the score, we’re not stressing that and this plus when we’re all up in the house we’re not trying to shuck and jive!

Check this out at  Johnny M - Progressive House Mix | 2023 | #05

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