Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Lab Techniques (Part Eight)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; check us out as we claim the terrific outcome, celebrating with the O-Dog Day Party but we have other business to conduct!

Other lab techniques are exhibited as we drop this good word, in some realms it's prohibited by thought and fashion police its considered disorderly conduct!

Brotha O freaks these breakbeat scientific techniques, Le Freak like Chic!   weaponized for spiritual warfare! wearing a war well? I guess, since I'm in one.

Styling and profiling like Biden walking through Kyiv Ukraine as air raid sirens blare!  naysayers say he should have been in East Palestine Ohio where Trump is headed! victory is not forfeited even though my ship floats across storm clouded oceans. 

Lights blinked on the instrument panel warning of danger like in the West Bank in Palestine! smoke and mirrors advocates say its all in my mind! it's reality vs imagination, enough to leave me exhausted!

Lab techniques are enhanced as I reflect on past episodes like its Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday; from Atlanta to Louisville  / Newburg to London and Johannesburg from Pluto to Mars comrades provide inspiration, even those that "lost it". 

Paying the price the ultimate cost of it, they've got me asking was it worth it? per these lab techniques "end of the day" scenarios are pondered.

Paying the price while corporations and their CEO'S have it nice! working with government officials as money is laundered!

Paying the price; some played it like Marvin Gaye with Inner City Blues, said it all "makes them want to holler"; out in the storm in silent rains? the silent tears will blend in.

Lab Techniques are enhanced as I visualized the sequence; but as the tears fall that smiling face is out of place, a distraction?

Lab techniques were advanced, psychologically some tried to laugh to keep from crying, duality of mind? reality is still unkind!

Imagination? even Gladys Knight said you need to use it to keep on keeping on! the perfect off ramp for escaping, easing your mind.

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