Friday, February 03, 2023

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Eight)

 I mentioned taking mystic voyages earlier, I even mentioned jokers out here taking the treasure hunt. 

Pursuing the American dream? per this Fabulous Friday where it's a blessing to be here I'm  out here where my constituents will plot / scheme! per Flashback Friday terminology they'll even fake a jack or pull a stunt. 

Then lights will start blinking on the instrument panel, warning! warning! overstepping their boundaries? wisdom gained from their intuition or even whispers on the wind?

AKA word on the curb, word in the wind! is a mechanic needed to interpret the codes the check engine light will send? 

Words will capture, imprison! fanatics use these modes to do their bidding, some are unable to escape the situation! 

I fought and won I'm not the one! Brotha O is following street codes he refused to get caught up in this kind of situation!

An abundance of caution is shown similar to Covid 19 strategies even when the government lifts their state of emergency; your dude is staying on code no need for switching!

When lights started blinking on the instrument panel I did the knowledge per Sunday morning  service /  Flashback Friday situations!!  not trying to get caught out there in the Lions Den like Daniel especially due to these earthlings out here snitching!

Others started bitching and moaning when lights started blinking on the instrument panel but others didn't care, at the club taking a midnight dance!  the party just started!

A player? out here doing what he does, he spotted the honey!  he'll whisper sweet nothings.. her ear; fast forward! during transmission that led to transition whispers on the wind led to the broken hearted. 

The party's over, lights were blinking on the instrument panel the system is broken like the GOP congress removing Rep. Ilhan Omar from committees I can't envision a reconciliation. 

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