Monday, February 06, 2023

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Nine)

 We're still out there on these Monday mornings taking these mystic voyages but sometimes reality discourages. 

Lights started blinking on the instrument panel of our endeavors, Full Moon in Leo illumination? we respond with these ruminations based on supreme courage...

...and maximum strength ready to go the length; but humility shown, I'm out here where some find there is no cure... the ongoing madness; others didn't change they doubled down, check their demeanor;  they kept their stone cold bone soul.  

As lights started blinking on the instrument panel we exercise power the Lord provided us with but some exercise futility, its a remote chance their intentions will be pure!

Some left  after thinking of a master plan like Eric B and Rakim in Paid In Full, a cascade of goodbyes was heard! like Kevin McCarthy in a GOP congress it was all about control... Janet Jackson mentioned so pay attention as lights blinked on the instrument panel; plans can get shot down like a Chinese Spy Balloon!

Some are scratching their heads cramming to understand like a shadetree mechanic acting like they knew; please, they're just fooling! 

Like the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville mentioned some are just fooling themselves, saying its all love out in the oceans of love in a submarine!

Mechanical engineering involved its airtight, no water plus due to social engineering they were told to never let love in. 

Social distancing like Covid 19 measures soon to be lifted in May 2023? alright! but enchanted seduction and sensation poses a threat.  

The sub rises to the surface with lights blinking on the instrument panel, under an auspicious moon that's full in Leo like I mentioned earlier so you know some will play it like Las Vegas and place a bet! 

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