Thursday, August 18, 2022

Exercising Power (Part Eight)

 Check us out as we come through on this Thankful Thursday, a gratitude attitude is shown because it’s a blessing to be here. 

Throwback Thursday energy will also be exhibited as we take it back to the future per being retro futuristic, taking it there!

We’re out here trying to exercise power in these leagues where they’re not playing fair! there are no pleasant honeysuckle vibes, it’s the opposite.

The atmosphere? it’s cloudy / a bleak grey, rowdy or even shady like Brian Kemp down here in Georgia is how some will play matching the composite.. ..of a foul joker or even someone in a foul mood; my constituents are on edge, rude per this supposedly post pandemic climate plus the weather is inclement.. ..mentioned by Al Roker but in more ways than one; so called constitutional rights threatened by Federalist Society Supreme Court renderings / begetting plus we have corporate price gouging! so how are you? Samuel L Jackson might even ask you what’s in your wallet?

They’re foul with it but in the midst of it all per the Yolanda Adams gospel song you can catch us exercising power that the Lord blessed us with!

They’re foul with it, the saga / struggle continues as the apparatus develops new and improved methods to stress us with!

Some of my constituents? it was hard to exercise power! they didn't let it go per Idina Menzel they’re frozen, as the day ended they didn’t move in the dusk light.
They didn’t want to deal with it as fearful dark approaches, soon they’ll have to fight. But warriors were reluctant, they didn’t want to press the green start button to exercise power there’s a fevered silence. So what’s up with it? no refresh, is the game over? since they didn't exercise power is there just more malice?

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