Sunday, August 07, 2022

The Game Is Over (Part Nine)

 Started writing this on a Sunday morning, trying to be easy like the Commodores; chilling out reflecting checking the scores!

I noticed the game is over for some, others will play the war drums ready to fight, it seems peace bores..

..them; so what’s really going on / what’s happening? it seems we’re all on a long winding road into the unknown.

On the radio? a lonely serenade played; was the game over? another sad love song per Toni Braxton? facts for some but I didn’t like the bass / treble/ tone. For others? Levert Casanova moves were made, check the song, the game is not over! go nowhere without my love was the chorus / refrain. Playing fair? no, spotted how these jokers swerved with it, check the collateral damage injuries inadvertent! it’s just more pain.

Is the game over? Damn! I was trying to sing a simple song like Sly and The Family Stone but the vocal cord was unplugged!
Now what’s up with this Brotha O-Zone? I’m writing feverishly like I was drugged! In this danger zone? work is being put in!! in the background I heard Earth Wind and Fire. They’re playing Serpentine Fire, oh no it’s not a lonely serenade! it’s the jam / it’s fire!

They didn’t fake the funk so it’ll inspire, so I proceed and continue to put work in!

The game is over for some but I refuse to come undone, I’ll proceed and continue to put work in!

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