Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Exercising Power (Part Four)

 Check us out as we come through setting this HumpDay Extravaganza off; we’re going off!

Catch us out here exercising power that the Lord blessed us with ignoring what the system is stressing us with, they want us to go off!

It’s all game, they want us to be off on our game just because the game is over for some of them!

Signals are crossed like the dudes over here in Clayton County on the corner with buckets begging for change when establishments down the street have now hiring signs on the window! I’m not playing with them!

But I am praying for them, exercising supreme power! especially after I saw security with the pistol drawn ready for the wayward youth whose friends were telling him to stand down!

The media is playing them, too much Grand Theft Auto 5? out in Clayton County if Victor Hill was still in charge he wouldn't play that jive, criminals would stand down!!

Just like Trump did his insurrectionists but they ended up bum rushing the Capitol anyway, like the FBI rushed Trumps spot!

Meanwhile beats bump in this and that section and this good word is dropped as we exercise power, rocking the spot!

Oh yeah! we’re exercising power of the supreme kind to go along with the supreme courage that my people will  need!

Is the game over for them? sometimes wondering based on the way things have changed / the way they’re  going down; O-Zone mentioned earlier that life is hectic / chaotic! I’m like a deacon in the amen corner! true indeed!  

 Exercising power while listening to Quincy Jones with Body Heat; bitter taken with the sweet, the defense? I press with mine like UNLV, Arkansas, or Georgetown from back in the day!

Astro turf on the other side of the fence? that's the deally!! I saw some rolling like Curious George; were they back in the way?

The circumstance; whose keeping track of how they play? can't be a ease.. we almost lost Detroit per Gil Scott Heron!

We're taking a chance, exercising power!! even though Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero; once again!!

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