Monday, August 22, 2022

Exercising Power (Part Ten)

 We’re exercising power on this Monday morning; excuse us for being intergalactic, as Leo season comes to a close leading to Virgo season! plans were made to travel out there into the nothing.

Consultations back in the day with Miss Cleo? where will we go? it’s all out there beside the edge of night; the Roy Ayers sunshine and the daylight? soon nothing! Others are out here but we’ll be heroes, I see you!! it’s a mixed bag as some tried to geek these players up like Trump tricking Herschel Walker while others are player haters; I guess it’s a rough job that someone has to do! Once called zeros, but now we come through as digital crate digging continues with beats that bump and this good word / real talk for ya now they say we’re acting brand new!

Those Negroes are cutting up was the word on the curb / word in the wind as we exercise power!

We see these and those, but we’re just trying to stay ahead in the game, wanting no part of the upcoming fire shower.

We see these and those as they exercise their power; like Trump insurrectionists talking about hang Mike Pence they were told to be heroes, embrace the rain / reign.
They drove into the fog, into the darkness soon caught up in the system / matrix now saying they’re in pain. The smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors hid the reign of terror! their vehicle crashed, the road was washed away! soon caught out there! The inside joke was on them as society bashed; the mode? O-Zone knew they wouldn’t play fair!

But we’re out here with all these jokers anyway, exhibiting supreme courage and maximum strength!

Plus we’ll exercise power that the Lord provides, we’ll be able to go the length!

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