Sunday, August 14, 2022

Exercising Power (Part Six)

 It’s like we’re working out at your favorite gym, you can catch us exercising power that the Lord blessed us with!

We’re working it all out on this Sunday morning, exercising power rebuking the devil and his advocates / agents  and the agenda they stressed us with! 

They’re way way out here with us, they’re straight from the land of midnight dreamers.

They were making unreasonable demands, damn! even virgins request the definition of ecstasy! Innocent, but the land lacked benevolence! like Trump insurrectionists it was full of plotters / schemers. Overt and covert! the arch nemesis was on the premises! now some are left inebriated, mentally / physically / sensually!

So what will the deal be? supreme courage and maximum strength will be needed to take it to the next level!

Opposition is expected, so we’ll have to exercise power to deal with the next devil!

Opposition is expected, it’s rough out here! I heard what was said! from here in Atlanta to Ukraine to the Middle East peace and justice for all was the outcry! My people were disrespected so I chilled in my remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta aka the Kasbah, due to this imperfect world. But the weather is still inclement, the reign began with a drizzle / clouds of suspicion; I heard the outright lie! Vote for me I'll set you free, but soon we’ll have to exercise power after the drama unfurled!!

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