Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Exercising Power (Part Three)

 Check us out as we come through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; we're trying to manifest the terrific outcome!!

We're coming through doing our due diligence, catch us out here exercising power as we pull up with this good word and the drum!!

We're coming through doing our due diligence but some act brand new!! not knowing this brotha was like Kool and The Gang and he would bring the funky stuff!!! 

The Sonic Assault? O-Dizzle, the minister of music and defense had to put it down like this!! oh yeah!! it's just a way to exercise power, defending our people!  that's what's up!! per Job 3:17  the wicked shall cease from troubling and the weary shall be at rest!! I'm telling a hater enough is enough!!

They'll get caught out there like Trump getting his spot raided by the FBI, they called his bluff;  that's what's up!!  I'm through paying with them!!  I already mentioned "The Game Is Over" !!!

It was even an earlier episode at the O-Dog's Podcast but it was relocated; but the concept was revisited! the madness? we're still dealing with it "it ain't over".

Oh yes!! "it ain't over, the party's not over" mentioned by Teddy Riley and Guy on their track Groove Me.

Oh yes, but sometimes "it ain't that kind of party" so a foul one shouldn't even  start with me or try it!!  they need to miss me with the negativity, it doesn't move me!!

The saga / struggle continues, life goes on as the toil and strife goes on!!  we'll proceed and continue to exercise power!! I mentioned earlier we needed supreme courage! 

...plus maximum strength so we can go the length; but the other team is like the New York Knicks in the pursuit of Donovan Mitchell, their on players they'll discourage! 

...plus the system will encourage them and those  to continue their evil ways, they didn't change them per Santana! 

...plus they  try to front on the the hood saying it's a mafioso / terrorist stronghold;  trump cards some hold from Oakland / The Bay Area to Louisville on down here to Atlanta! 

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