Friday, August 26, 2022

You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Two)

 It’s going down on this Fabulous Friday! it’s a blessing to be here, you don’t quit and you don’t stop!

Flashback Friday? past episodes should have reminded you how far you’ve come, a byproduct of when you didn’t quit / stop! 

I even had to remind myself / encourage myself like the gospel song by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers; my conduct? you were the best of me, encouragement I wrote on the pad.

Don’t get me wrong; like I discussed with my homie from Bombay India it’s rough out here, things could be better but I worked it all out / gave it all I had. Staying strong with supreme courage and maximum strength! once nervous but I relaxed, utilized wisdom. The Louisville old school Baptist preacher’s advice from back in the day? the devil will oppose but God is in the blessing business so just keep living. 

The struggle is real, like I said it’s rough out here! a joker was overheard saying he’s gonna make it happen Captain! I’m out here witnessing the rendezvous of the Rogues Gallery! Not the album by Slade it’s those that didn’t quit / stop using unscrupulous ways to get paid with an illegal salary. I see how a foul one plays with ways and means that are opalescent, real colorful! Constituents? infected, as government officials and corporations per the ongoing inflation disrespected; some are even programmed to think it’s cool.  

Constitution disrespected / misinterpreted by shady Federalist Society Supreme Court justices steered by Leonard Leo. 

The illusion? we disconnected from it, check how we get breakbeat scientific! as we move from Leo season to Virgo season it’s a reason to say you don’t quit and you don’t stop! per the Flashback Friday reference check out the style / steelo!

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