Thursday, February 16, 2023

Lab Techniques (Part Seven)

 Bearing witness to this Thankful Thursday! gratitude is shown, it's a blessing to be here!

Also handling business of a Throwback Thursday nature when we exercise power per these lab techniques; reflecting on episodes back there.

Back where? back in the day, back there where  plumbers couldn't stop the runny faucets of oblivion. 

Time keeps on ticking , ticking into the future per Steve Miller trying to Fly Like An Eagle; catch us falling into the deep void. 

Reality keeps tricking us!  while we're trying fill the void we fell into it due to desires hidden fury! for the weary?  sleep won't come!

Reality keeps tricking us! like roaches when the lights come on we scurry trying to enhance these lab techniques doing our due diligence! time? we can't avoid!

Oh yeah, we're trying to enhance these lab techniques coming through / dipping through with these remote outpost rants and raves!

Oh yeah, might even make you dance with the sounds! check out the Throwback Thursday vibe as digital crate digging continues as we pull up like Michael Jackson or Grace Jones rhythm slaves. 

Check out these lab techniques as Brotha O misbehaves! this poem? you can call it a love song gone wrong!

As sonic therapy or rehab takes place its like the ongoing struggle; beautifully enacted, no need to be redacted. 

Like government reports concerning the January 6th Select Committee plus  Robert Mueller with his report redacted by Bill Barr and other shady operatives? a failure on so many levels because we played these sports wrong?

I don't know what's up with these sports I'm trying to win like Kansas City Chiefs enhancing these lab techniques as havoc wreaks but I did manage to purge all the unwanted baggage! 

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